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(ALL the pictures on this page have roll overs so enjoy the secret messages)

Run only to enjoy your self, never from anything....

Sometimes life cannot be as friendly as we desire it to be, and for good reasons...If we experienced only happiness we would never know why sorrow is so bad, and why smiles were so needed. So Please try to understand life isn't worth living unless you learn sacrifices are a way of the world, and how it contunies to survive.

In my life, no one can even get close enough to know the true self I keep under tight lock and key, due to reasons I shall remain silent about. I am a very fortheright person, and feel "friend" is a word achieved, not granted upon meeting. This word is abused too much in today's society.
Saddly, love is thrown right out the window, and romance, well I have a key that is locking this heart away until the right suiter comes along....I'm sure I'll be walking for quite some time until he decides to finally walk with me.
'Tis the great life long Adventure I suppose I chose....
~~Here is Another collection of my recent works~~
~~Please enjoy and always keep an eye out for new additions.~~
Below From the Beginning of the Year

yet make sure to always let the right person into your heart, and always let your emotions free when they need the room to breathe....


11/30/2000 #220
To the Wonder of music and love I shall applaude.
I've discovered the tiny loophole unoticed by this simple rat race.
As long as I place my passions first, my dreams will never be that far behind. Fueling the desire to keep honesty my heavenly guide.
11/30/2000 #221
Bouncing to the beat of the lustrious sound of flat wound strings, Melodies and Harmonies blend together to rattle the piles of snare drum's in the back.
Peace for once is achieved without any sacrifice.
So as the day passes, the sun warms the souls in and surrounding this store, besides the bitter winter wind outside nipping at all out heels.
This is why I shall smile for the simple pleasures in life are always for free.
12/3/200 #227
Lovers are eternally blessed by the gift of passion,
Yet nothing compares to the ex's power to remain the other's checkpoint for dry and pitiful humor.
Sometimes every soul has a purpose deeper than the outward appearence shows.

12/5/2000 #229
No words, just generations of mentalities.
A perverbial playground of colors and images.
Still words mean so much to these cultured creatures called the human race.

Wassen The White Panther Kitten

12/15/2000 # 240
I write these words,
For once not of great love,
But the destruction of the chance.
Two souls treading upon the same soft grass.
As we were born humans, and not left high with our wings,
Travelers we shall remain,
But no matter the mountains that society places in front of us,
Somehow I feel time will reward us for our temperant moral deeds.

Love ony comes to those who's heart is pure and remain passionate after the battles of growing up.....

12/1/2000 #223
Changlings romp around, lost within the notion success is how deep you touch the outsiders minds and souls.
As beautiful as that sounds the masses fail to recognise how important that is to the world, and never follow such hearts as these blessed creatures.
Sometimes I wonder if fueling their passsions is the right thing to do, when there are no guarentee's life will reward them one day in return.
12/1/2000 #224
In a silence strangly comforting, my mind is for once not battling itself. Peace runs collectively throughout all my endings, as I review all movents passed in the day.
As my key is proudly dangling from my neck, balance holds me to remain faithful to it's cause - True Love never dies, as it shall never need any coaxing to blossom.
12/2/2000 #225
As I am always forced to 
be in my normal routine, I sit and watch my sunset alone.
A deep understanding is gained by its golden rays as dark side seeps from my car radio.
There is no peace unless the sun is eclipsed but the moon.
12/11/2000 #233
Abide by the curiosity,
To weigh every option before I proceed.
Inturn denying true logic
Fixing something that was never broken.
With these present unknowns and new expansion of brethryn.
I am left wingless, grounded.
I see how easy it really is for society to chain you into it's petty soap opera role playing game.
12/12/2000 #234
As he records a song,
Filled with the hope of a better life,
He looks to me for a smile of acceptance like the boy I once met so long ago.
Yet here he sits, a grown young man,
Open and colourful, quite well off in deed.
I guess it seems friends remain permanent children in each other's eyes.
12/15/2000 # 239
Dreams of a life with the love of another.
With this present level we have, nothing can be expected,
But all remains preserved from within our hearts.
12/16/2000 # 241
My eternal Fuel,
I drain when your eyes aren't looking into mine,
The music your voice allows me to play,
Matches the songs I heard as a child deep within my heart.
Yet how can we not be able to hold each other in comfort of finding this bond?
For the answers to our destiny,
remains hidden in the future days to come.
Friendship is the key to understanding where we shall wander off to next.

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