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Mother Nature's Children
The Calling Upon the Wind

Our inner song, is best matched by the strong meoldies within the winds, and our true Soulmate...

The Breezes Of Autumn Tell the Tales; singing of the New Moments in the Year to Come.. So Just Listen.....

Always try to be as chipper as you can, for life is only lived once in these present forms....

In the past few years, I have noticed that the whispers within the winds have become incredibly unbareble to ignore. In times of deep meditation outside, I have experienced momentary drafted meanings, pertaining to the way we as humans breed, live, and breathe, upon this planet.
Slowly but surely the land is being swallowed up by the ocean. The fires are consuming our air, and the trees that produce our oxygen. The ozone-layer that protects us from harmful UV Rays, is being corroaded by pollutants, and chemicals. Our surrounding space, is deterriating due to the level of space garbage we leave every time we travel Into the black Surrounding Abyss. Just like spoiled children, they refuse to clean up their play pen.
Well I and many like myself, are here to inform you that free loading off our resources, and abusing the creatures unwillingly under this Technological rein, only will end up with a outcome In deed final - void of our existance.
Just one day, when the air, is thick and almost cuttable by a knife, collect your thoughts, let them escape your head, clear your mind, and listen to what the winds have to tell you......You may be surprised how urgent it's message sounds. I for one, can say, treat our elements with deep respect, understand that they are the rulers of this land we borrow, and that we are not the superiour intelligence. Besides, I know within myself, that as long as intelligence overrides instinct, We as humans, are heading for a brick wall. Extinction.
We are all created equal to each other, So walk without pride, and greed. Instead help your fellow life forces, and in turn, the higher powers shall help you for your sacrifices.

Fairy Photoshoot - 3 photographers 12 modles
J Corsentino Copywritted 2002

Wassen my picky little White panther cub....

Momma Cat's Demo Song - Mist

Here is a Survey I'm sure all of you out there have an opinion upon. As well as the fact the answers will surprise some of you all. Faith is a hard thing to keep burning in a world so cold. Yet the ones who have mastered the inner power know it is the key to all survival.
----Enjoy the Answers from your fellow Humans----

The power to believe in one's self is the strongest Power of them all....So with that in head, set out to protect what made you, and gave you the right to develope into all these unique beings. Prove your existance upon this planet not in the name of societal fame, but in the immortalizing honor of yourself.

The winds are the balance to our survival.
North - South - East - West, are the same as the changing seasons.
Winter - Summer - Spring - Autumn,
The four winds of change keep the perfect circle of life accurate in it's path.
"Spirit Sunrise Keeps Peace"