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Mother Nature's Children
The Art and Patience of Tarot


Tigers Bare Trust, Protection and Solitude

Tarot is not a game, nor a choice.
The people who read tarot, were chosen above their own will.
I for one, apprenticed for four years, before I received my first and last deck.
Since then I have made one conscience desicion about it.
To continue expanding my physic connections with all the people I choose to surround myself with, and help them in any way I can. Karma and good will shall take care of my own needs, as well as myself.
If you feel you are one who will read cards, then they will find you. Tarot cards can never be purchased for personal use, not known before that they are coming. Seers are unique and strong people, so all I can say is wait and be patient.

Childs Block Rotating

Deep Mists - Website about Merlyn and Aurther

~~~~~~~~~~~^*v*v*^~~~~~~~~~~~ Tarot originally was used as a personal view into your future. In Egyption times, decks were personal, and only used to get an idea of what will be ahead of you. Most of the Religions that ban it's use are younger than it's own existance. Funny huh? Well, readings are only information for that imediate moment in time. The path that you follow can change in only minutes after you receive the reading, so you yourself, are the holder of your own destiny, the reader is only there to inform you on your chosen direction.
Tarot was also given a more modern image via Italy about 500 years ago.  The italians believe it to be a better method than runes, and the ancient Egyptions methods.
which is the standard Rider Waite deck of today.

"Yeah - this is hard" The mouse said

~~~~~~~~~~<><>*<><>~~~~~~~~~~ You can never just pick up a tarot deck, and expect to become a swammi overnight! So have patience and don't rush anything. If it is meant to happen, then it will. ~~~~~~~~<><>*<><>~~~~~~~~

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~~~~~~~~~~~^*v*V*v^~~~~~~~~~~~ I had said that is is not allowed to purchase your own deck, due to the fact not everyone is permitted to read Tarot. After you receive your deck from a friend and/or aquaintence, and develope your ideal way to read, (patterns, usage of add-ons like Stones, and layouts for the cards themselves.) You are then permitted to buy a deck more alligned to your new style. There are tons of specialty stores, that are around to supply your Spiritual needs. For instance Instant Karma, in Rockville Centre inbetween Merrick road, and SunriseHwy.(Long Island, New York). There is a link to Their web page at the bottom of this article.

Spiders Aren't Really from This Planet - We just think they are..

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