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Mother Nature's Children
About The Ouija


History On Ouija~~~~~~~~~~Just click for deeper details

Listen folks, I am not going to lie to you. Talking though a Ouija board can connect you with the spirits that surround you. The main reason they are a bad thing, is good spirits, and angels, will not use something so trivial to contact you. They'll use a medium, or someone who has the streangh to get the message across correctly. Most of the spirits who use Ouija boards, need a weak host to be communicatied across. They have no patience dealing with a true medium, beacuse the knowledge of its nature is received upon contact. Although every day people are very skeptible about it, and mearly use it to prove it is real,
Libotic Spirits still love to corner these people,to in turn have a human host rake havoc upon the outside world.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


This is the newest version of the Ouija Board, by Milton Bradley, since the early to middle sixties.
Usually a traditional board was made into a circle.

They are not a hoax, not a game.
In the wrong hands, they are a deadly weapon at the highest degree.
So only people strong of spirit and mind, should be leading the process, and doing it at all in the first place,
This is no child's toy, so treat it with full respect.

In reality, the ouija is nothing more than a piece of wood.
But the belief that people put into it is what makes it REAL. Honestly you can use anything as a equal chaneller.
It's just easier for common folk to believe that it can be only one way.
I personally have only used a store bought board a handful of times, but teh ones that gave us the most trouble, we're the ones I made myself.
Just a good tip to remember, The person who made the board is the person most attached to it, so anything can happen without proper knowledge of how it's power can be harnessed.


You see this creature and it's demonic appearence, Well for all you know you just talked to it the other day, through a Ouija board. My point here is that 95% of the time, Darkside spirits only use the Oiuja, since they know it's too easy to mess with naieve human minds, While the Good Spirits know how and why to use real Mediums.

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