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Mother Nature's Children
Rituals And Prayers


Within this technological world, there are still people who believe in every day magic,so to speak. so I orginized a few spells on the next page that can help you out with our everyday acitivies and hardships.
Blessed Be

Never let the Man, pick at your soft spots, then they'll only get used to foing it as a routine....

Hey Life have you Running in circles lately?
Need a break in the routine?
Well stop and take a moment to breathe, And tell the Man you taking a coffee break!
Go find a wooded nook, or park to sit in and relax.
We all need some peace and quiet sometimes.
Upon the next page are two spells for your spiritual conveinence.
I'm still under Construction, so pardon the rough stages. I'm a "One(wo)Man Show".

The power to make your own life livable is within your own hands, fate only brings you so far, and leaves you to do the rest.
We are all the same flowing kinetic energy, and that makes the rock on the path in front of us the same as the birds above our head. As all energy is the same.
So if you feel you don't have the power to move on, just remember that you have the same power as the sun in our sky, as well as the equal streangth to the oceans that surround us all.
Nothing is impossible, yet always improbable.

Spells that are concidered Love spells, are never good. They only cause deception, and deeply destructive confusion in true hearted people. True love can never be brought upon someone by magick. Only nature can do that folks. Remember that please.


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