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Mother Nature's Children
People's Survey

- What do you Think so far....for a one (wo)man show?

Meow - Who let the cat out of the box?

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mflogo_trans 238x60


adopt your own virtual pet!

Simply survey shall help me understand what you need from my resources and information.....Thank you for participating.

To your right, this is a Virtual Pet from the website "Bunnyhero Labs".
Enjoy the comical preformance of this little dog, by feeding him treats.
(click with your right mouse button to retreive a treat.)
He will not only retrieve it from anywhere on the White Square,
But If you hold the treat on the top right and click, then top left quickly,
he'll literally fly across the Screen in great speeds, as if running...
Wheater or not it was itended to be this funny is beyond me.

Spirits Sunrise Keeps Peace