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Mother Nature's Children

Welcome to the Medium Page - Still Under Construction

In the next few years, I will be collecting information on
the best and preffered mediums, of our time.
For contact if totally possible and also consolatation if nessecary.
They also have many teaching to pass down to our "generation", who's spiritual past lives are now only coming into picture.
Yet again pardon the wait while I obtain the information....
This is a one man show, so I must be everything at once.
And yet remain one being.

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There are particular guidlines that lead certain people into the light of saving people in times of need, for instance.....An exorsicm isn't the prettiest thing to get messed up within, but if you have the power to help someone in need, the skills on how to do so, is always in high demand.
In a time where a beepers and cell phones are more important than the spiritual well being of our planet, no wonder why we have such a disheveled society.
The true reasons for it's existance is being ignored and buried alive.
So for once, donate a little bit of yourself to make the world that much better for the entirety of this planet.
Having the power to teach, and repair our Earth, mustn't be held from the inner society.

Taps on the inside -
Reikii and Spiritual healing will be touched upon next month.


Cats over millenia's have been the symbol of Cool, & collective souls, Spiritual awareness, and most of all the best type of a familiar to all humans.
"Wicthes" all around treasure their feline companions beause they can predict storms, or bad spirits entering a home, drive off unpleasent beings who don't belong under your roof.
In the long run, if you have a cat, go give Him Or Her a big kiss for being so intuned with your spiritual needs.
Hug a cat today! and give them a little treat or two, they deserve it.

Peek - A - BOO!

Gee....A little Scared Don't you Think?

Don't deny your spirit the power to see things you think your mind cannot handle - Have faith in your intuition.

So you all would like to know how to contact a medium if you are in search of knowledge of a loved one past on, or a connection to the deeper earthly elemental beings. Well start by attending the local Sprituality shops in your neiborhood if you have them, or if not go lonine to Instant Karma Below this paragraph.
Tis the time to see that ouija boards are an easy way out for selfish spirits, as compared to the greater of the good spirits.
Meadiums will and always will act in the greater of the good for the simple fact that they themselves are the actual channel being used, and for the fact their path is to protect and help others, kin dof a certain Shamanistic attribute, yet not what they are in total.

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