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Deep Mists

When upon high there is no ground to keep you rooted and as a tree without security of the earth you shall perish or fall.....then only can you jugde yourself and/or others..

~Merry Meet to you all!~
Welcome to Deep Mists an underground classroom into the wonderous mythalogical and Metaphysical Realm of understanding the Natural Elements of this World.
To put it in plain english, The Inner workings of the older days when Aurther and Merlyn were teaching each other in the cloak of darkness....and learning the ways of the conscious mind, and the instinctual mind - and the Spiritual intelligence....

Willow made - Heart silver - paws leather - and mind shapen in a quiver

Lizards are very balanced - like our dragons of the"past"

Many of our roots in this society were pieces scattered from many different countries and many different cultures. So we truley have no idea where to start in so many cases.
Well For starters....Why don't you get to know yourself before you start running out there looking for answers you forgot the questions to.
Just find your inner calling...the subconscious is a wonderful part of your mentality and persona...For it is where the mecca of our race have been known for.

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Aurther and Merlyn
Were equally Teachers to each other as Students.
So with this in mind,
Understand that we are all learning until we seize to exists all together and become one with the elements and universal knowledge and Kinetic matter.
-So no one creature has more athority over another but a special part in the diverse specrtrum cycle of Life.


Whenever you see this stone, it will lead you back to the main page, or to This site....It's littered in isoalted places among my linked websites...but if you aren't really dedicated to learning the Ancient ways of the Druid and the Celtics, then please take what you can for your own spiritual deliverence