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Deep Mists


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Finding your Totems

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Do you remember when you were a kid and you had a favorite type of tree to hang on? Or an Imaginary Friend of some sorts...Well you weren't that crazy to have them you know...There are very important reasons you made them stable in you life, yet the chaos of becoming an adult made you forget what and where they caefully and believe in your inner child....

Imagine your favoirte playmate when you were a kid, or your favorite tree? Remember?

Well When I was a kid my favorite tree was the Weeping willow. For I could tie it's forgiving branches into a knotted loop at the bottom, and swing from its long sweeping arms...Such fun and I didn't reallyhurt the tree because they came out after I was done.
Each Human is said to have three totems.
Totem - Tree
Totem - Spirit/Past love one
Totem - Animal
- So rethnk your childhood and remember when you weren't tainted by the hassles of doubt and frustration and look to the inner child in yourself...and watch how much in return you'll receive for keeping it satisfied.