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Deep Mists


Prayer Studies | Merlyn and The Apprentice | Basic Necessities | Civilians VS Druids | Finding your Totems
Prayer Studies


Prayers Between The Sexes - Men-Ruled by Mars and Ra
Women-Ruled by the Moon - Venus
There are certain guidelines for both sexes and certain herbs, and circles you should know before jumping into anything...

Man - Male - Ra

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Woman - Female - Moon

- Akasha( Usually a Male trait)leads us into the passions of our life...Ergo our inspirations, the sun, light, the turn of how the winds move to let the sea air start to churn. The feeling of being.
- Prana (Usually a female Trait) is the push of meditation and the present price of motion..the moon, darkness, the curl of the waves hitting the shoreline...the Process of being.
These are the basics for the ying to yang so to speak.
And there is a creational guidline that humans of today cannot understand for it seems all to easy and can you search for something if you don't know where to find it? - Logic and Understanding are two different things, as fact and Faith....fact is nothing without truth to back it up...for a tree cannot survive off the land and sea itself, it needs the sun, and the night to cool off...the balance.

The nature of living creatures next to the spiritual plain is a very close one....For the simple reason that they are one in the same...What goes in one, will oppose in the other. So Keep in mind that things aren't mpossible in this world they're only improbable.
All religions aren't started on the same path, nor have the same destination. In turn go with what you feel inside is your yourself are the only beholder of your own future beauties.