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Deep Mists


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Civilians VS Druids

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Horn to horn, yet we are all the same inside and around the world.....strange to have to fight your own kind sometimes....

in this time of Computers and Cars, most of this race called human...has forgotten their true roots!
So in the beauty of nature there are two type of people.
Druids/Celts however you please to call them - they are the one's for preserving the earth and is bountiful pleasures and beauties, when the Civilians are the ones who destroy all in their paths for a measly dollar.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Where do you fit in?

To be perfectly honest with you folks, there are a plethera of different religions due to the different criteria in which humans desire to make the rules acceptable for themselves and their version of heaven.
-So go with what your gut tells you and never lt anyone else judge that for you.
There are different paths in this world because if we all took the same one, it'd be a bit crowded.. (smile)
There is no right or wrong religion, nor are any better or worse than the other. We all have a destination and a side, yet we can change that when ever we desire. It's as easy as that.
Authure was taught his druid knowledge from a great source, but we don't have that advantage today, so get out there and find yourself a tutor, or dive in head first into the History of Merlyn and his Wild adventures, and he'll come alive for you again as well.

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