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Deep Mists


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Basic Necessities

Main page

This page is all on what you'll need to be a practicing druid/celtic...For instance have you ever heard of a crane bag? Well it's Very important to a Earthly bound creature....I'll teach about that deeper in this site.

You shoudl always see with your eyefirst  - not your eyes

By yourself, go by a stream or a lake or any form of running water and pick up 6 Cookie sized skipping stones.
and clean them off in the water..there should be no dirt or scraps of earth on them.
Paint in different colors the signs of persoanl shapes, or Cletic, or Druid, designs, of trees, animals, gods, etc. and place then on a oath from your bed to the outside world.
This is a great way to train your spirit into Astro Projecting, or what they call Spirit Flight.

In a few week s I'll give an extended report on Runes, and the different methods for their use, and Seering powers.
I personally just gained my first runes set, and persoanlly tailored them to my inner likings.
Equally should be found and collected by running water.


have your own idea of how you desire to state your causes to the gods, and godesses, and they'll understand and respect you haev your own identity.
Always though work within a Ogma Circle and fire, to protect yourself from their forces.
and get yourself a personal staff, or wand, carved and pick from a tree branch that didn't hit the ground, hunt this piece out so it is truley your own.