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Deep Mists


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Merlyn and The Apprentice

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This is where you either learn you are a Merlyn type who has information to tell, and to learn from the younger one how to enjoylife again, or you are the apprentice, who needs input for future decisions, and/or leadership for the rest of the Generation "Ignorant".

Merlyn to Aurther was an Outstanding story, yet some disbelieve it was that off from the real life of Merlyn himself..An old druid from the Roman times, who lived well into the Caelot days, and Aurther yet again was the King of Avalon...Some stories are Myths and they hold truth above Fact. Which is more important than Facts...Facts are always botched up through out the past of time, for the simple reason it's all just a big game of telephone, and everyone is partially deaf...(Laugh)
So take what you can from any old novel on Caelot or Avalon, with the Merlyn stories, and keep your own view on your Druid history.

One candle alone isn't a blazing fire, but kindled with care can be an enfurno .....


Coming soon, a few of Merlyns Lost Grimores, for your own persoanl Knowhow..

Merlyn is in all of us.....

Merlyn was a powerful spirit but to the naked eye was simply a foolish old man...for the black at heart they saw nothing in his warm bountiful eyes...For example the Romans. They never knew how important he was to the rest of human life and themselves...yet they still acted at the opossing force. Yet Merlyn succeeded at what he needed to do. Now the rest is up to us in this generation and for the two more in trouble on their ways...