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****Welcome to Lazurus****


I'm collecting poetry and other works to create a pleasant reading experience for people on line. Few sites offer any reasonable intellectual veiwpoints, and fail to put effort into making a web site enjoyable for the reader.
So here is my best try to keep you all ammused, and enlightened while you browse around my pages.

Coming soon, I'll have sound clips of local bands and songwritters off Long Island and NYC.
A decent collection of underground material that is at best, quite groundbreaking material.
I shall also have articles and interviews with some persuing artists and their hardships in making it in this crazy society.

(Picture to the right is me on stage at the Third Rail In Flushing Queens)

Ever curious about learning to play an instrument, or proffesionally record your own music?
Well you came to the right place. This is a small site where periodically I will place articles on mixing, The mechanics of instruments, and the know-how on how to learn an instrument. The first step is understanding that you must BE DEDICATED TO BE SUCCESSFUL! laerning to love what you desire, and giving your drive the patience to excell is the only way to continue on to the next level of musicianship.
Keep an eye out for changing stories on practice points and where abouts for getting the proper lessons.

Mother Nature's Children -Sprituality Guidence and Help

This over excited dog, is the Link to my Spiritually Guiding Site called MOTHER NATURE'S CHILDREN.
So just click to get there folks, and enjoy!


Virtual Herbal Playground Here for Your Enjoyoment!

Hey go check out the scroll for a great new Website added!~~*~~THE PENTACLE CIRCLE~~*~~

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Table of Contents
September 2000

"If you don't know what you are looking for,
Where will you go in search of it?" - I Ching
(chinese proverb)


On the main page of my website - there is guest book to sign (As well as on each of these two Site Lazurus - Mother Nature's Chilrdren)----- give your opinions and ideas for the design, and on the upcoming events and interviews on this site.

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