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Emerging Artist

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Come check out Momma Cat Below.


Coming soon.
Interview with Rick (LoafDog)a producer from the Island.
Information about "Blue Room Studio's and his Growing Musical Team.
Also two More:
The NEW Funkadelic explosion - "Momma Cat"
As well as "The Junction Trio"

Click HERE to go to Momma Cat Website........

These Five Cats really know how to set the music scene on fire..GO check out their live demo on their site adjacent to this article.....Something to be Thankful For....

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Guitarist Dave Mackie, Singer John Coleman, and Violinist Spring Palser

The Funky Nugget

John Coleman, and Dave Mackie

Ever really want to hear music that just won't allow you to sit still? Well then you should check this new band Momma cat out.
The rhythems and melodies they produce keep you on your feet and begging for more.
Momma Cat is live on December 22nd at Deja Vu Lounge on Grand Ave in Baldwin off of Sunrise Highway.
Door admmission is low, and there will be plently of good times awaiting all who enter this show. Funk explosion!

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Singer JOHN COLEMAN and Guitarist DAVE MACKIE above.

What's Going On In This Crazy Millenium These days?

There is a brewing of good sounds from the southshores of this Island, and it's coming to take the whole scene over. There is no entrance call that could state clearly enough how sincere their music is being played for.
From the deep and morbid sounds of ambient, to the deep dish plate of good 'ol funk and blues. Top it off with a well round effort to incorperate the present artistians far reaching styles and their own unique passions, and we have a music anachy setting on fire right before ouyr eyes.
Generation Destiny.

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*****Address Of the DEJA VIEW Lounge*****
DE JA VU Lounge
Grand Ave in Baldwin, Nassau County, Long Island.
Off Sunrise Highway.

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Jamacia Station is the mid point for much of the Music scene on Long Island. There fore in some passing of time, it shall be remebered for all, as their last memeory of Hometown life, and the civilian way of life.