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Strikes Your Attention


There a few areas, witin writtings, and music that stands out with true quality and honor, for everyone all around.
Here ar a few I could scroundge up- Enjoy the selections of poems, and the other wordly and melodic goodies.

Motherless Brooklyn
Jonathan Lethem

TailChaser's Song
Tad Williams

The true meaning of finding yourself.
Inspirational metaphores relating to how we each much go on our own path to reach our destiny.
Interpreted through the wonderful world that cats live and breathe in, with thick plots, stunning form of writting, and a tail that will always keepo you on your toes.

Mind over body
And Spirit over all.

Order from!

The Mad maham of Manard
APerfect Circle

Or The new Radiohead
Kid A


The book of Ra
I Ching
Any of the three Tool albums,
Can give you more than a clue.
Also chcek out Timothy Leary
for deeper and different
expanding mentalities.

"In the end we all realize that the race we're in,
Was only against ourselves."
SSkp '99
So with that in mind, and soul, get out there and live your life the right way!