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*****The Pentacle Circle*****
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Remember Jaguars are only Panthers with spots... GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The Oracle of The Four Elements is curently being processed and written:
- About the prayers needed to maintain their balance
- The ways in which nature talks to us
- Why we must derail this train called Technology
- How we can save the environment while living with it at
The Same time.
- The Intricate weavings of Spirit, Soul, and Mind

The Meditation for positive Energy:
Strange at it may seem it's just doing meditation that people have the hang up on. If you having trouble thinking - Then you are trying to hard. It's simple as that. Mediatation is the only thing humans can do upon instinct beside sex, and breathing.
So with that in mind, please go and listen to some soothing music,and loose your human mentality for a frame of time; Although, rememeber time is only realtive, within human mind, in nature there are only Seasons.
Spirits Sunrise Keeps Peace.
"Shall my eyes close without any regret
For my soul is peaceful and sound in silence.
Weary times are fading now,
As I sacrifice some of myself to recieve in other forms.
Grow with the world, as a creature of Nature,
Not of the force destroying this beautiful Earth."

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***&***Spirits Sunrise Keeps Peace***&***

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Helene - Jesse - & Spring Palser -- Thanksgiving 2000

Some times we all need a little love with family and friends, and yet truely the only one who knows you best is the one who should be giving that love in return - Yourself!

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