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Mother Nature's Children

Welcome to Mother Nature's Children.
If you feel as strongly as I do about our Earth, and the stirring presense lurking within our earthly elements, then this site is for you.

Daiseys are from Angels Wings - gentely they float down from Heaven before the turn of Spring


Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

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1-The Calling Upon the Wind
2-Rituals And Prayers
4-People's Survey
5-The Art and Patience of Tarot
6-Pagen Picture Gallery
8-About The Ouija

This Scroll (BELOW) Will lead you directly to THE PENTACLE CIRCLE PAGE.....With Prayers and deeper meditative ideas on this Spaceship we call Earth.... 8)



Living under a rock your whole life isn't exactly seeing what's out there, so start learning, listen more and drop the crabby attitude! lol

Lazurus Music Zine

<--------------------Lazurus Music Zine
(Just Click on the Bopping white Bear)

"There's always time to get lost within natures candies."
Photo taken by Helene L. Palser.
Freelance Photographer in NYC


Meet me at Pagan Profiles

If any of you feel as deeply as I, about the true meanings that this Earth places in front of us quite Bluntly - Then check this wonderful Pagan community out....
I'm sure you feel right at home.. Merry Meet to you all!

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