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Transcending Realities
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Trancending Realtites
The Passing of time between this society and the actual truth in Nature are two very different frames of mind. In all due respect to our reality, Humans feel that we are the top of the food chain, the Leaders in Technology and Science, which are our own designs, the Forefront Matriarches of Mind Power and Pleasure; However, the shallow minded masses fail to realize that all aminals which includes ourselves, are equal, containing some special talent of their very own. Humans were given the talent of Mind Expansion, and Manefestion, the capabilities to envision something within their mental drawing boards, and soon after placing it in front of them with their aposable thumbs.

- So why shouldn't we expect anything less than the golden goblett from the table of life? Because we are not God; Therefore we cannot degenerate this land, & resources at our own pleasure, for we are under the reign of the Higher power. In time, we'll see that the greedy ones shall perish under their own vanities, as we rise up from the ashes.

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